Frequently Asked

Now more than ever our country has an eye on energy.
Ottawa Oil serves clients in and around northwestern Ohio.
Products available by case, 5 gallon pails, 120 lbs. kegs, 55 gallon drums, and bulk.

Delivery to your location may be free with purchase of 55 gallons or more. We can order any product that Shell manufactures. Contact us for more information. Ordering information available online.
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How do we price our fuel?

Wholesale cost + freight + spread = price sold. The goal is always to give our customers the best price.

What makes up the price of a gallon of gasoline?

When you spend a dollar on unleaded gasoline, nearly 84 cents of that goes to pay for the crude oil and taxes. That leaves only 16 cents of every dollar spent at the pumps to cover the cost of refining, marketing and the retailer’s fixed costs. When it’s all said and done, the retailer makes slightly less than 6 cents of every dollar you spend at the pumps. Less than 1/8 of a cent after everything is paid.

What affects the price of gasoline and diesel fuel at the pumps?

There are four main factors:
1. The cost of crude oil.
2. The cost of refining crude oil.
3. Supply and demand. This means that if supply goes down or demand goes up, prices will rise. Conversely, if supply goes up or demand goes down, prices will fall.
4. Local competition affect prices on a day-to-day basis as retailers compete at the street level for volume and customers. Retailers are under intense pressure to remain competitive with the lowest price. This is why prices are usually very similar at all gasoline stations within a market area.

Why are gasoline prices different in different parts of the country?

Sometimes prices vary because of the cost of transporting gasoline and different taxes required by some states and some cities. The amount of gasoline sold at a particular station can also have an impact on price because the volume of gasoline sold affects retail margins and price. Local market conditions are also determining factors in the price of gasoline. State and city tax is applied to every gallon of gasoline sold. Ohio’s Gasoline Tax among Nation’s Highest and Ohio’s gasoline tax stands at 28 cents per gallon, ranking 17th highest nationally. The gasoline tax was adopted in 1925. (

What does the price of crude oil have to do with the cost of gas?

Crude oil is the major building block in the production of gasoline. Therefore, when its price rises and falls, it has a major impact on price at the pumps. It’s interesting to note that a 1 cent per gallon increase or decrease in the price of crude oil causes a similar change in gas prices.

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