Gasoline/ Gasohol
Off-road/ On-road Diesel
Home Heating
Fuel Additives
Maintenance Supplies
Ottawa Oil serves clients in and around northwestern Ohio.
Products available by case, 5 gallon pails, 120 lbs. kegs, 55 gallon drums, and bulk.

Delivery to your location may be free with purchase of 55 gallons or more. We can order any product that Shell manufactures. Contact us for more information. Ordering information available online.
Click here for ordering information.

Gasoline/ Gasohol

  • •  All grades of gasoline available.
  • •  Taxable and untaxable.
  • •  Delivery to your home or farm.
  • •  Bulk quantities up to 8000 gallons.


  • •  Off-road and on-road diesel.
  • •  Ultralow sulfur diesel. 15ppm maximum. Required in all model year 2007 and later highway diesel vehicles. Recommended for use in all diesel engines.
  • •  Low sulfur diesel. 500ppm maximum. Federal law prohibits use in model 2007 and later highway vehicles. Its use may damage these engines.
  • •  Bio-diesel B-100.

Home Heating

  • •  #1 and #2 heating oil
  • •  K-1 Kerosene. Cleaner burning for home and garage kerosene heaters.
  • •  Any quantity delivered
  • •  Keep-full monitoring. We monitor your heating fuel levels and deliver on a scheduled basis. Or you can call to order as needed.
  • •  Balanced pay plan available. Heating cost won't spike during winter months. Billing based on average fuel purchases throughout the year.

Fuel Additives

  • •  Diesel Kleen
  • •  Winterized fuel additives
  • •  Methanol

Motor oils

  • •  Shell motor oils
  • •  Passenger car motor oils
  • •  Commercial and industrial oils.
  • •  Single grade oils
  • •  Multi-grade oils
  • •  Synthetic oils
  • •  5w20, 5w30, and 10w30 in stock
  • •  Diesel engine oils
  • •  Lubricants
  • •  Gear oils
  • •  Waylube oils
  • •  Engine oils
  • •  Compressor oils
  • •  Special order products.


  • •  Transmission fluids
  • •  Brake fluids
  • •  Torque fluids
  • •  Hydraulic fluids

Spill control products

  • •  Floor dry bags
  • •  Absorbent pads
  • •  Spill kit bags
  • •  Spill kit pails

Maintenance Supplies

  • •  Solvent
  • •  Automotive degreasers
  • •  Antifreeze
  • •  Hoses, nozzles, and filters

Oil and Waste Disposal Services

  • •  TNRCC approved used oil collection.

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